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“Impact Now Media is THE Digital Marketing Agency in the LA area for getting the business rolling in. Unlike everyone else in the SEO space or the marketing space, Impact Now Media gets REAL, TANGIBLE results, and their work pays for itself many times over, if you give them time to work their magic. Can’t recommend them enough.”

-Client Paul Waters

Interview with Annie from LAER Realty Partners

Jenna $500,000 in Opportunities in just 3 Days

John Got 12 Buyers + $5M in Volume in 3 Days!

Caren $1.5M Volume + $30K in Commissions in 4 Days!

"Tom does an amazing job providing systems to convert your leads" - Fabs

Workshop Testimonial: "I learned the right way to use Facebook Ads and make sure the right people are seeing my ads" - Sarah


Using Our Proprietary Clicks to Closes Lead Conversion System We:

Step 1

GENERATE a massive number of leads for you.

Step 2

PRE-QUALIFY those leads

Step 3

Identify KEY INFORMATION about each lead—ie, timeline, budget, credit score, pre-approval status, whether they’ll need to sell their current home, etc.

Step 4

Start CONVERSATIONS with leads who indicate they’re ready to move ASAP or within the next few months.

Step 5

Hand-select the HOTTEST leads for you.

Step 6

Orchestrate LIVE CALL transfers and/or booked appointments to put you in direct contact with leads who pass the test.

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Average 33% of the Buyer Leads Indicate They Have a House to Sell

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Attractive Websites And

Mobile Responsiveness

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Ad Budget

Clicks to Closes is the simplest method for real estate professionals to generate more conversations with pre-qualified, ready-to-move leads.

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