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“Impact Now Media is THE Digital Marketing Agency in the LA area for getting the business rolling in. Unlike everyone else in the SEO space or the marketing space, Impact Now Media gets REAL, TANGIBLE results, and their work pays for itself many times over, if you give them time to work their magic. Can’t recommend them enough.”

-Client Paul Waters

Clicks to Closes is the simplest method for real estate professionals to generate more conversations with pre-qualified, ready-to-move leads.

Here at Clicks to Closes, we know how important it is for real estate professionals to have more conversations with more hot leads. After all—about 74% of home buyers decide to work with the very first real estate agent they speak to!

And yet … So many real estate agents struggle to make those conversations happen.

That’s not your fault!

Truth is, you’re incredibly busy. You spend so much time sorting through unqualified leads and managing prospective buys that go nowhere, that you actually LACK the time for the vital pre-qualification and follow up that would dramatically increase your revenue.

The result?

Your business suffers. You lose out on opportunities, miss the boat on ready-to-move buyers, and make way less money than you could have if you’d been able to focus your energy solely on ready-to-move leads.

That’s where we come in.

Clicks to Closes is your direct connection to people who are looking to move right now—no tire-kickers allowed.

Clicks to Closes is your direct connection to people who are looking to move right now—no tire-kickers allowed.

Using our proprietary, fully-automated lead generation system, we:

GENERATE a massive number of leads for you.

PRE-QUALIFY those leads.

Identify KEY INFORMATION about each lead—ie, budget, credit score, pre-approval status, whether they’ll need to sell their current home, etc.

Start CONVERSATIONS with leads who indicate they’re ready to move ASAP or within the next few months.

Hand-select the HOTTEST leads for you.

Orchestrate LIVE CALL transfers to put you in direct contact with leads who pass the test.

In other words, we fully automate your follow-up system and take the grunt work off your plate, so YOU can focus on having important conversations and building relationships with clients who are ready to buy.

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Clicks to Closes is your key to reclaiming your time, establishing better connections with better leads, and making more money.

Tom Pacheco is a Sales & Lead Generation Expert with over 15 years of experience, and the creator of the Clicks to Closes system.

With an educational and professional background rooted in mechanical engineering, Tom is an ace at identifying problematic patterns, coming up with creative solutions, and simplifying complex processes into simple, manageable tasks.

His penchant for problem-solving is what initially led him to sales and marketing. After dabbling in network marketing and selling via cold calls in the early 2000s, Tom realized there MUST be a smarter, more integrity-centered way for business owners to make more sales.

Long story short, he realized that prevailing lead generation tactics could be markedly improved with smart ad strategy.

Working with (and in some cases, heading up) the sales teams at a variety of businesses, Tom implemented and perfected his lead generation tactics, with results like:

  • Leading his sales team at Yellow Pages to #1 in the nation
  • Growing a digital marketing agency from about $260K to $4million in annual sales
  • Generating a massive number of warm leads for small businesses in his local market

One day, after chatting with some colleagues in real estate, Tom had an epiphany:

If his lead generation strategies had changed the game for small business owners and digital marketers, what kind of impact could they have for real estate professionals?

He realized that while most real agents recognized the importance of lead generation, simply attracting leads was only responsible for about 25% of a lead generation campaign’s success.

Where most agents fell short was in the follow-up—most successful agents had too many unqualified leads to sort through, and too little time.

Thus, Tom developed Clicks to Closes—his fully-automated system for connecting real estate professionals directly with pre-qualified, hot leads.

Since launching in 2017, Clicks to Closes has helped hundreds of real estate professionals streamline their processes, take back their time, and dramatically increase their revenue.

Discover the difference Clicks to Closes can make in your real estate business right here.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • No Long Term Contracts. Get out from the chains of long term contracts with our simple monthly pricing. If you want to go elsewhere, we won’t hold it against you. No one should. But once you start seeing results, we’re confident you’ll want to stay!
  • Exclusivity. Missed a live call transfer? Didn’t respond to lead notification fast enough? No worries. When you sign on with Clicks to Closes your area and your leads are exclusive to you. For as long as you're a Partner of ours, we won’t send your leads elsewhere or share your leads.
  • Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident in our results that we offer a money back guarantee! We want you to feel confident in working with us, so we’re taking away all the risk

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Clicks to Closes is the simplest method for real estate professionals to generate more conversations with pre-qualified, ready-to-move leads.

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